True peace of mind with full protection

Extensive Coverage for Prolonged Protection

BLUETTI AC200P/AC200MAX/B230 now has a 2-year extended warranty that brings you extra peace of mind.

During the warranty period, if an accident happens, we'll only charge the cost of materials for repair and the necessary shipment fee for product damage.




Supported Products


AC200P (Discontinued)



AC Power - 2,000W

Outputs - 13

Dual Charging - 1,200W

Massive Capacity - 2,000Wh

NZ$ 3,051 

AC Power - 2,200W

Outputs - 14

Dual Charging - 1,400W

Massive Capacity - 2,048Wh

NZ$ 3,269

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Massive Capacity - 2,048Wh

Charge cycles to 80% - 3500+

Multi Outputs

Solar Input - 500 Max.

NZ$ 2,560


 Service Process


This extended warranty is now ONLY applicable for the AC200Max, AC200P,
or B230 purchased from BLUETTI official website.
Any purchases of the three models made from other platforms are required to
submit the application for an extended warranty by following the below steps.




You will be redirected to the AU site to apply for an extended warranty. Please, follow the instruction on the site.



BLUETTI Extended Warranty

The AC200P/AC200Max/B230 come with Two-year limited warranty. The extended warranty
doubles your protection, covering you for more than two years.