ECOFLOW River 2 Pro Portable Power Station 800 | 768Wh

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Portable Power Station boasts a large 768Wh capacity and 800W of output power. When charged with solar power, it can generate up to 1.8kWh of energy per day. It has a speedy recharge time of only 70 minutes, and its advanced LFP (LiFePO4) battery can provide reliable use for up to 10 years.

The X-Boost feature allows for a whopping 1600W output, which can power up to 80% of home appliances. It also offers four ways to charge: AC, car, solar, and USB-C. Weighing only 7.8kg, it is easily transportable.

The RIVER 2 Pro includes a <30ms EPS auto-switch for essential devices and has a Smart app control with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It beats the industry charging speed standard, charging fully in only 70 minutes - 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market and 27% quicker than previous generations.

With upgraded long-lasting LFP battery chemistry, the RIVER 2 Series can be charged and emptied over 3000 times - essentially ten years of everyday use and 6x longer than the industry average. The RIVER 2 Series is also the first portable power station in the world to earn the TÜV Rheinland certification for safety, ensuring the security and reliability of your device.

Additionally, the RIVER 2 Series comes with a 5-year warranty and a state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) that constantly monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of the device with multiple aspects of protection, extending its life to the max.

With four ways to top up the RIVER 2 Series, there's always a recharge option available. The device is the most easy-to-use independent solar power system, making it perfect for camping, RV trips, or even running home essentials. It produces up to 1.8kWh daily, which means sufficient power to run your essential home appliances smoothly for almost half a day.

Using the RIVER 2 Pro Solar Generator every day decreases your whole-year carbon emissions by about 284kg, which is like planting 16 trees in a year! With an AC output of up to 800W, the device can power high-wattage home appliances with ease. Its compact portable design makes it easy to take off-grid, and with a switchover speed of less than 30ms, you won't even know the power was down.

The EcoFlow app allows for easy control and monitoring of the RIVER 2 Series, even from afar. View charging levels, customise settings, and adjust charging speeds, all from the convenience of your phone.
$1,497.00 NZD $1,699.00

Technical Specification


Capacity: 768Wh (surge 1600W)

Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

Life Cycles: 3,000+ Cycles to 80% of Original Capacity

Management System: BMS (includes over-voltage, overloading, over-temperature, short circuit, low-temperature, low voltage, and overcurrent.

Shelf-life: Charge to 80% Every 3-6 Months



AC Outlets: 3 X220V-240V Receptacle, 800W Total (surge 1600W)

Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave

Surge Power: 1,600W

USB-C Port: 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max

USB-A Port: 3 x 5V/2.4A/12W Max

12V DC Outlets: 1 x 12.6V/10A/126W Max(Car Outlet), 2 x 12.6V/3A/36W Max DC 5521 


AC Charging: 220 - 240V ~ 50Hz, 940W Max

Solar Input: 220W Max, 11-50V 13A

Car Input:12/24V 8A 100W Max



Weight: 7.8kg

Dimensions (LxWxD): 270x260x226mm

Operating Temperature: -10 to 45℃

Storage Temperature: 0 to 45℃

App Control: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Warranty: 5 Years

Charge 0-100% in 70 mins - Fastest charging speeds ever.

RIVER 2 Pro beats the industry charging speed standard, fully charging in only 70 minutes. That's 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market and 27% quicker than previous generations. Fully charge RIVER 2 Pro while you pack your bags, so you'll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

X-Boost Up to 1600W - Small size. Big power.

RIVER 2 Pro has an AC output of up to 800W. Need to power a hair dryer, microwave or electric kettle? Crank it up to 1600W with X-Boost mode to run up to 80% of high-wattage home appliances.

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<30ms EPS Auto-switch - Ultra-fast home backup switchover

With a switchover speed of less than 30ms, you won't even know the power was down. Use RIVER 2 Series as an emergency power supply for overnight outages to keep essentials running from a light to your fish tank.

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