Mini LED Flashlight Portable Work Light Pocket Keychains Torch

Looking for a compact and reliable flashlight for your outdoor activities? Check out our Mini LED Flashlight Portable Work Light Pocket Keychains Torch USB Rechargeable!

With 3 different light modes, including cob high/low/strobe, this flashlight can meet all your lighting needs. Plus, you can adjust the brightness to the maximum level by long-pressing the power button.

What's more, our upgraded design features a powerful magnet base and foldable handle, making it easy to work hands-free. You can attach it to any metal surface or hang it in a specific location.

Despite its small size, this keychain flashlight packs a powerful punch with up to 500 lumens of illumination, thanks to its super-bright COB light. Plus, it's USB rechargeable and can be powered by common portable devices such as laptops, car chargers, and mobile power supplies.

Our portable flashlight also comes with a hook and loop for easy attachment to your key ring or bag. It's waterproof and impact-resistant, making it perfect for camping, dog walking, finding things, and repairing. And, it can even double as a corkscrew!

$5.00 NZD

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