BLUETTI T500 AC Adapter for AC200MAX / B230 / EP500

B230/B300 (T500 AC Adapter )
    • Used to charge BLUETTI power station or external battery packs via AC wall socket.
AC200P/EB200P/AC200Max (AC Adapter & XT90 To DC7909 Cable )
    • T500: Used to charge the BLUETTI AC200P/EB200P/AC200Max with dual adapters simultaneously at a Max 1,000W rate.
EP500 (T500 AC Adapter & DC7909 To Aviation Plug Cable )
    • Used to charge the BLUETTI EP500 with dual AC wall sockets simultaneously at a Max 1,100W rate.
EP500Pro/AC300/AC500 (T500 AC Adapter & DC7909 To MC4 Cable )
  • Used to charge the BLUETTI EP500Pro/AC300 simultaneously with two or three AC wall sockets.
$284.00 NZD

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