HB21 300W Folding Solar Panel

This 300W solar panel easily connects to Ecoflow Power Stations or any campervan solar system using standard MC4 connectors. Its folding legs make it simple to position for optimal sun exposure, and it can be conveniently stored in its 6.9kg carry case when the sun sets.

Eyelets/loops on all sides allow for hanging or securing it on the roof of your vehicle.

With 9 Bus Bars, the solar cells conduct electricity more efficiently, and the PERC cells produce 6 to 12 per cent more energy than conventional solar panels.

The HB21 440W panel can charge Ecoflow Delta Mini | 1300, Ecoflow Delta MAX, or PRO.


$820.00 NZD
By HB21

Technical Specification


Power: 300W

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 26.4V

Current at Pmax (Imp): 11.36A

Cell Type: 9 Bus Bar | A Grade Monocrystalline Silicon

Cell Efficiency: 22.62%

Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 31.07V

Short Circuit Current (ISC): 12.27A



Connector: MC4 connector


Dimensions (Unfolded): 243.5x72x0.4cm

Dimensions (Folded): 72x55x2.5cm

Operating Temperature: -10℃- 60℃

Waterproof: IPX3 water resistant




1x HB21 300W Solar Panel

MC4 wiring harness

Carrying Case

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