ECOFLOW Delta Pro Extra Battery

With the expandable capacity add-on, you can now connect your DELTA Pro to an additional battery, doubling its total capacity to 7200Wh. For even more power, connect two Extra Batteries to your DELTA Pro and enjoy a staggering 10.8kWh of off-grid energy.
Recharging your Extra Battery is easy, as it can be charged from a variety of sources, including solar panels, AC outlets, EV charging stations or EcoFlow's Smart Generator. Simply plug the Extra Battery into your DELTA Pro, and they will recharge and discharge in tandem. The Extra Battery can also be integrated into your home's wiring system for peak shaving and emergency power solutions. 
Additionally, this Extra Battery can recharge directly from EcoFlow's Smart Generator outdoors, giving you an extra option during emergencies. Keep track of your battery's status, percentage, remaining recharge time, hours left, and more with the built-in LCD screen or through the EcoFlow app.


*Note: This product is exclusively for the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station

$4,399.00 NZD $5,299.00

Technical Specification

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