HB21 135W Portable Solar Panel

HB21 is introducing the latest addition to the portable solar market - the SunPower solar cells. Boasting one of the highest efficiencies in the industry, these cells are extremely durable and can even generate power in low-light conditions.

This 135W panel is designed for hassle-free plug-and-play use with all Ecoflow Power Stations or any RV solar system that uses standard MC4 connectors. Thanks to its folding legs, the panel can be easily positioned for optimal sun exposure.

Once the sun sets, it can be folded into a compact, lightweight carry case weighing only 3.7kg, making it easy to store even in tight spaces. Additionally, the panel features eyelets all around, making it simple to hang on the side or secure it to the roof of your vehicle while stationary.

$500.00 NZD
By HB21

Technical Specification


Power: 135W

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 22.3V

Current at Pmax (Imp): 6.06A

Cell Type: SunPower Maxeon Gen 3 with Carbon PET3 Surface

Cell Efficiency: 24.4%

Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 26.2V

Short Circuit Current (ISC): 6.42A



Connector: MC4 connector

Weight: 3.7kg

Dimensions (Unfolded): 152.5x56x0.4cm

Dimensions (Folded): 56x44x2cm

Operating Temperature: -10℃- 60℃

Waterproof: IP X3 water resistant



1x HB21 135W Solar Panel

Carrying Case

MC4 wiring harness

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